The international Lyceum club Dijon Bourgogne (ILCDB) was founded in 1979 by Mrs Jeannette Le Lous (5th French club since the foundation of the one in Paris in 1963).

In 42 years of existence, 15 female Presidents have followed leading it.

Its head office lies in Dijon, and its current President is Marie MAIRE. The club counts 78 female members as of today.

The aim of the Lyceum is to offer its female members activities related to Arts, Science, and issues linked to the evolution of society. The personal involvment of high school girls helps creating an atmosphere of trust and mutual help, both on the national and international level.

A national general assembly gathers annually the 15 French clubs.

Cultural days take place every year, and a congress every other year, both on an international level.

Just like all the others Lyceum Clubs, it is and must be politically and confessionally neutral. The recruitment takes place thanks to the co-optation of two godmothers.

Le ILCDB is administered by:

  • An administration councel elected during the general assembly, itself composed of 9 members and 2 members of the office (the President and the Treasurer) ;
  • an Office including the President who is elected for 2 years and eligible for re-election once, the vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and the active members.

The activities offered by the ILCDB are the following :

  • Bimonthly conferences about artistic, scientific, historical topics and more
  • Visits of the regional and national heritage (exhibitions, castles, museums, industrial sites…)
  • Parisian days (monuments, exhibitions)
  • Dinners and debates about current events

Also, two book clubs are active, as well as a cinema club, a walking club, and cooking workshops are regularly organised.

The LCIDB subsidizes artists to help them in their school curiculum.