In 1992, Monique Bernardaud, a member of the « Lyceum-club of Paris » incited Edith de Lhermite to create the international Région Limousin Lyceum Club, the 8th club of the French Federation. At the beginning, 29 members agreeded to participate in this creation : seven  of them are still members.

Our club has known some great moments since this creation : two national General Assemblies, in 1997 and 2010 and also the International Central Comitee, in 2002, just before the « Rencontres Culturelles », in Paris.

The Club maintains strong friendly relations with the Club of Rabat. Today 96 members belong to our club, which is very active, thanks to Constance Smedley’s « long life learning » precept : we have successfully celebrated our 25 year existence.

Transgenerational friendship is genuine and warm amongst members. Four former presidents have enriched this club, thanks to their own personality and bountiful energy.

Anne-Marie Dumas is the 6th President of the Limousin Lyceum Club, succeeding Edith de Lhermite, Monique Leboeuf, Annie Grenade, Laurence Bouillaguet, and Catherine Verspieren.


Members : 96

Head office : 22 rue de Metz 87000 Limoges

Administration : 10 member council which meets regularly, on the request of the board of directors.