The Club was created in 1985 by Monique Charvolin and Sabine Larger.

Today, the Club has 91 members. It strives to develop friendship and cultural exchanges through the various activities and meetings offered.

Since its creation, the Club has hosted three National General Assemblies in 1995, 2005 and 2018 and has sponsored the creation of the Lille-Flanders Club.

Very quickly the Club understood the interest of opening up to the international scene, and four years after its creation, in 1989, following a strong connection between the clubs of the “small Troyes” and the “big Berlin”, the twinning between the Club of Troyes and that of Berlin was achieved.

A beautiful and deep friendship unites these two clubs. This relationship is still strong and maintained by regular meetings in Troyes, Berlin or in other French or German cities.

On 8 September 2021, the Lyceum Club Troyes-Champagne twinned with the city of Lisbon under the impetus of their presidents, Teresa Abreu Matos and Annie Formont, both of whom were keen to bring this magnificent project to fruition, an illustration of the international dimension desired by the Club.

– Members: 91

– Honorary members: Danièle Boeglin and Flavie Serrières-Vincent-Petit

– Head office: 12 rue Gérard Millot 10000 TROYES

– Administration:  a board meets once a month

– Twinning: Berlin and Lisbon

Recruitment method :

By co-option on the proposal of Club members with two years of seniority. Application presented to the President: admission is voted by the Board.