In 2009, Marseille, in spite of its 2600 years long history, its second town of France rank…, knew nothing of the Lyceum Club…
Thanks to Sophie Génis-Magnan’s, a former native of Marseille, convincing phone calls,
Thanks to Solange Descours’, then Paris President, good advice,
Thanks to Christiane Péchiné’s, then President of Fédération, sponsorship,
Thanks to our founders’, Monique Malrait and Anne Stalla, initiative and perseverance,
the Club Lyceum Marseille (the presidency of which Suzon Ged assumed from 2009 to 2015) came into being, and now celebrates its tenth anniversary.
Under the presidency of Maïthé Lagorce (2015 to 2019), with her sense of perfection and rigor, our Club has acquired an elegance and very participative functioning which we are very proud of.

Françoise de Dianous undertakes the presidency in 2020, her dynamism and creativity will definitely enable her to manage at best the awkward period linked to the sanitary  crisis.

The Club can be proud of the diversity of its sixty members, boosted by cultural and intellectual curiosity, a vivid sense of friendship, interesting programmes of local visits, some more distant trips, varied lectures sometimes delivered by a member who brings forth her professional expertise, monthly statutory lunches, and a « White Evening » that puts the year to an end, in a climate of trust, and an urge to share, exchange and welcome.