The idea of creating a Lyceum Club in Grenoble was born of the friendship between Yvonne de Maurex, member of the Lyceum Club in Geneva, and Clothilde Munch, a violin teacher from Grenoble.

Isabelle Guilbert, another friend of Clothilde Munch, agreed to join the venture.

Autumn 1996 : Never having previously heard of this Association, Isabelle attended the Annual General Congress of the French Federation of the LCI at Fontainebleau.

Her meeting with Jacqueline Suttin, the then National President, and the Lyceum Club members representing other clubs, was convincing.

Early 1997 : The first Administrative Council was held at the home of Isabelle Guilbert, and it decided to :

– Find a guideline for its activities. The choice was ” Promoting Young Artists”.

– Favor conviviality and diversity.

– Encourage working women to integrate the club by ajusting its programme.

– Emphasize the international character of the club by organising one or two annual meetings a year with another club.

The Club is now 24 years old and has had 6 successive Presidents.

It is particularly orientated towards culture, artistic action and meetings, and has over fifty members.