It was under the impulse of Madame de Castellane, member of the Lyceum Club International de Paris, and Nicole de Morchoven that our Club was founded in 1981, 40 years ago!

The official declaration to the Prefecture of Côtes d’Armor took place on 23 February 1982. The aim of the Lyceum Club of North Brittany was to encourage friendly and cultural meetings on a regional and international level. Its head office was at the Château de Coatguelen, Pléhédel, in Lanvollon.

At the beginning, the club’s programme was based on receptions, the organisation of concerts, reading meetings, visits to exhibitions… with an important place given to bridge through friendly tournaments among the Lycéennes.

In 40 years, the 12 presidents who have succeeded one another in running the Club have enriched it with a wide range of activities, as well as cultural and friendly meetings with other clubs in France, and even beyond, since two twinning arrangements were made with Holland in 2009 and with Sweden in 2011.

In addition, two members of our Club have highlighted Constance Smedley, the founder of the Lyceum: thanks to the initiative of Anne-Marie d’Haucourt, a delegation of high school girls went to England. Following this trip, the Lyceum decided to participate in the renovation and maintenance of her abandoned tomb. In addition, Michelle Brieuc, an award-winning author, never misses an opportunity to present the life of Constance during a well-documented conference.

The vitality of the Lyceum Club of North Brittany is therefore not an empty word, a vitality which is based on the active contribution of each of its members!